Our Staff

The Staff of St Ultan’s School currently comprises of the following:

  • Administrative principal
  • Thirteen class teachers
  • Two part-time specialist teachers (Home Economics and Woodwork)
  • Thirteen Special Needs Assistants (SNAs)
  • Secretary
  • Caretaker

Speech and Language Therapy is provided in the school by a Speech and Language Therapist employed by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Psychological services are provided by National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) and HSE. Other professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Play Therapists, etc also visit the school to provide services to children under their care as necessary.

Staff contact details


Primrose: S.andrews@stultansnavan.com

Tulip: a.feehan@stultansnavan.com

Bluebell: e.clarke@stultansnavan.com

Daffodil: c.mcmahon@stultansnavan.com

Class 5: f.sweeney@stultansnavan.com

Class 6: k.oreilly@stultansnavan.com

Sen 1 :   s.gillen@stultansnavan.com

Sen 2A: a.mccarthy@stultansnavan.com 

Sen 2B: s.mills@stultansnavan.com   

Sen 3:    m.oreilly@stultansnavan.com 

Sen 4:    a.magee@stultansnavan.com

Sen 5:    c.walsh@stultansnavan.com

Sen 6:    d.obrien@stultansnavan.com

Resource: c.cunningham@stultansnavan.com

Home Ec: k.smith@stultansnavan.com