In St. Ultan’s School we value communication with our students in whatever way best suits their strengths. Lámh Sign Language is an integral form of communication within our school community. Lámh is a form of communication which incorporates the use of spoken word, hand and facial gestures, making it highly accessible for all strengths. Our staff are highly trained in using Lámh Sign Language and all of our students learn Lámh on a daily basis.

Every month we hold a Lámh Assembly in our school hall, where classes come together to show each other a poem or song that they have been learning.

Lámh promotes effective and inclusive communication for all and ensures that every student in our school has a voice.

Please see our Lámh School Plan for more information.

RTE have released a new TV series called Dizzy Deliveries which has been specifically made using Lámh, and contains segments to teach new Lámh signs to viewers.

CLICK HERE to access Dizzy Deliveries on the RTE Player.